First visitor's guide

Step 1. First, join the Peakswoods store membership.
(Store membership is a 100% FREE service.)

Step 2. Write your information
'star mark' is
essentiality provision.)

Step 3. You have just joined the service!

Step 4. Click the 'log-in button,then Input your ID and Password and Click Enter.

Step 5. Choose the doll and Select the doll type.

Step 6.
Click the "continue shopping" button to add another item.
Click the "check out" button to complete the transaction.

Step 7. Choose your delivery location.

Step 8. Check the box if shipping information is the same as your billing information.

Step 9. Choose your account method
There are two options:
* "Credit Card by Paygate" to use credit card
* "Direct deposit to our Bank Account" to use "direct

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