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FOF V.F. Sir Tin
 Code : 20131004105857
 Selling Price :
 Points : 2.52 point
 Regular Price : 280.00
 Discount : 10 % off
 Skin :
 Body :
 Make up :
 Bite Mark (Carved) :
 Fist Parts :
 Sculpted by : Kyung Min Lee
 Face up by : Kyung Min Lee
 Made in : Korea
 QTY : ea
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[Order Information] 

*If you order three dolls directly from PW website during this event, one doll(any type you choose in same size, with any body parts options including skin color) will be given for free as a present. 


*For a free doll, make-up, outfit, and jewel eyes are all available for purchase. 

Please feel free to contact us for any of it above. 


*As for the purchasing 3 dolls in different sizes,

for example, two FOFs and a FOB could get one FOF for free

and two FOBs and one FOF could get either one FOB or one FOF for free. 


*Bite mark painting will be included for free if you order a chest part with bite marks.

Please feel free to leave a message if you'd like to skip this service. 


*Ordering Period : October 1st ~ October 31st, 2016

*Layaway available :

1. Refund in progress is not possible.

2. Each payment should be $50 or over $50.

3. Maximum timeframe of a layaway is 20 months.





[Included Items]


*FOF doll

*Hands : 1 pairs of extra hand parts (Not Fist Parts)

*Eyes : 14mm glass eyes (random)

*Zip-up cotton cushion

*Certificate of authenticity






[Size info]


Height : 26cm
Length from head to waist : 15cm
Length from waist to feet : 11cm
Length of sleeves :7.5cm
Girth of head : 17cm
Girth of neck : 5.8cm
Width of shoulders : 5.5cm
Girth of chest : 13cm
Girth of waist : 11cm
Girth of hip : 14.5cm
Length of foot : 4cm
Eyes : 14mm







*Images and colors of the items can look slightly different due to the circumstances of the individual monitor.

*Since every doll is custom-made according to customer's request, your order cancellation or refund won't be accepted.

*It will be shipped in 50 to 60(white&normal skin) or 60 to 70(special skin) business days from the order confirmation.

*Marblings, dusts, and dots could be found.

*Seam lines won't be sanded off.

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