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FOF Fox Goon_The Little Prince
 Code : 20160403061523
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 Points : 2.52 point
 Regular Price : 280.00
 Discount : 10 % off
 Skin :
 Body Type :
 Make up :
 Fur Wig with Ears & Fox Tail Set :
 Fist parts :
 Sculpted by : KyungMin Lee
 Face up by : Nornen
 Clothing by : By Corona
 Sample skin : Suntan
 QTY : ea
Product Details    



*Layaway available (Refund in progress not acceptable).

*Tanned Skin options(Suntan, Blue-grey, Lavender-pink) and OUTFITs are available for order  

from April 13 to May 13, 2016. 

*After May 13, only white&normal skin options are available. 





[Included Items]

*FOF Fox Goon (Wake-up version of FOF Hucky)

*Hands : 1 pairs of extra hand parts (Not Fist parts)

*Eyes : 14mm acrylic or glass eyes (random)

*Cushions : Zip-up cotton cushion

*Certificate of authenticity



*Fox Goon outfit includes 

(Turtleneck, Pants, Fur vest, Leg warmers ) 






[Size info] 

Height : 26cm
Length from head to waist : 15cm
Length from waist to feet : 11cm
Length of sleeves :7.5cm
Girth of head : 17cm
Girth of neck : 5.8cm
Width of shoulders : 5.5cm
Girth of chest : 13cm
Girth of waist : 11cm
Girth of hip : 14.5cm
Length of foot : 4cm
Eyes : 14mm

Wig : 6~7 inch 






*Images and colors of the items can look slightly different due to the circumstances of the individual monitor.

*Since every doll is custom-made according to customer's request, your order cancellation or refund won't be accepted.

*It will be shipped in 50 to 60(white&normal skin) or 60 to 70(suntan&blue-grey&lavender-pink skin)business days from the order confirmation.

*Marblings, dusts, and dots could be found.

*Seam lines won't be sanded off.




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